Arsine and Phosphine in Ethylene and Propylene

Analyzer Description

3-valves, on-board vaporizer, 4-capillary columns, PDHID, cryogenic focusing
Sample type:
Ethylene, propylene
Compounds Separated:
Arsine, phosphine
Lower detection limits:
0.03 ppm
Methods met:
Wasson-ECE W4253

Typical Chromatogram

FID Chromatogram

TCD Chromatogram

Key Features and Benefits

  • On-board vaporizer converts liquid to gas phase prior to injection for more repeatable analysis.
  • Internally purged diaphragm valves ensure no air contamination and the lowest detection limits possible.
  • Ultra-high purity fittings and regulators.
  • Specially passivated tubing ensures repeatability and the lowest detection limits.
  • Multiple valve cuts used to remove analytes of interest from the matrix.