ASTM D6021 – Measurement of Total Hydrogen Sulfide in Residual Fuels by Multiple Headspace Extraction and Sulfur Specific Detection

Analyzer Description

1-capillary column, SCD, headspace sampler
Sample type:
Heavy distillates, heavy distillate/residual fuel blends, residual fuels
Compounds Separated:
Hydrogen sulfide
Concentration Range:
0.01 to 100 ppm
Methods met:
ASTM D6021, Wasson-ECE W2013

Typical Chromatogram

SCD Chromatogram

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fused silica lined tubing ensures repeatability and the lowest detection limits.
  • High selectivity and equimolar for sulfur.
  • Sulfur treated sample lines ensure no sulfur lost during sample introduction.
  • ASTM D5504 and ASTM D5623 can be added to the configuration.