SynGas Trace Impurity Analysis

Analyzer Description

2-valves, 2-capillary columns, MSD
Sample type:
Sythesis gas (SynGas)
Compounds Separated:
Hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, carbon disulfide, methyl mercaptan, benzene, toluene, arsine, phosphine, hydrogen cyanide, chlorobenzene
Lower detection limits:
0.05 ppm
Methods met:
Wasson-ECE W2326

Key Features and Benefits

  • Approximately a 20 minute analysis time.
  • Separate methods can be used to extend the dynamic range of the system to analyze a broad concentration range of analytes.
  • Gas chromatograph can be configured to contain additional analytes.
  • Passivated tubing ensures repeatability and the lowest detection limits.