Polymer Grade Ethylene and Propylene Impurity Analysis by FID

Analyzer Description

5-valve, 3-column (capillary), internal vaporizer, methanizer, FID / FID
Sample type:
Polymer grade ethylene and propylene
Components separated:
Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, ethane, ethylene, propane, propylene, isobutene, acetylene, n-butane, propadiene, trans-2-butene, 1-butene, isobutene, cis-2-butene, isopentane, methyl acetylene, n-pentane, 1,3-butadiene
Lower detection limit:
Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane: 0.05 ppm
1 ppm for all other components
Methods met:
Wasson-ECE 262, Wasson-ECE 260 (ethylene only), Wasson-ECE 261 (propylene only)

Typical Chromatogram

Trace carbon oxides in ethylene or propylene chromatogram
Hydrocarbon impurities in ethylene chromatogram
Hydrocarbon impurities in propylene chromatogram

Key Features and Benefits

  • Separate sampling loops eliminate cross contamination
  • On-board vaporizer converts propylene to gas phase prior to injection for more repeatable analyses

Monomer Analysis Literature (PDF)