Extended Natural Gas and Fixed Gas Analysis

Analyzer Description

4-valves, 5-column (packed and capillary), TCD / FID
Sample type:
Natural gas, other refinery gases
Components separated:
TCD: Isobutane, n-butane, isopentane, n-pentane, carbon dioxide, ethane, hydrogen sulfide, n-propane, argon/oxygen composite, nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide
FID: C4 through C12 n-paraffins, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylenes
Lower detection limits:
TCD: 100 ppm for all components and 200 ppm for carbon monoxide
FID: 1 ppm for all components
Methods met:
ASTM D1945, GPA 2186, GPA 2286, Wasson-ECE 326

Typical Chromatogram

ASTM D1945 Chromatogram
FID Chromatogram

Key Features and Benefits

  • Can use liquid and/or gas sampling valves
  • If liquid valves are used, the air peak is a composite peak
  • BTU calculation software available

Natural Gas Literature (PDF)