Standard Refinery Gas Analysis (RGA) With Trace Carbon Oxide Detection

Analyzer Description

6-valve, packed and capillary columns, methanizer, TCD / TCD / FID
Sample type:
Natural gas, sour gas, other refinery gases
Components separated:
C1 – C7, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide
Lower detection limits:
FID / TCD: 20 ppm for hydrocarbons, 100 ppm for permanent gases, 500 ppm for H2S
Methanizer / FID: 1 ppm for methane, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide
Methods met:
ASTM D1945, ASTM D1946, ASTM D7833, UOP 539, ASTM D2504 Appendix X1, Wasson-ECE 383-MET, 383D-MET

Typical Chromatogram

Refinery Gas Chromatogram (FID)
Refinery Gas Chromatogram (TCD)
Refinery Gas Chromatogram (Methanizer / FID)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Liquid valves can be added for LPG analysis
  • The backflush peak can be tailored to specific samples (e.g. C6+ or C8+ backflush composite peaks)
  • Can be converted to all capillary columns to achieve better resolution and detection limits
  • A fourth FID can be added for the simultaneous analysis of trace carbon oxides

Refinery Gas Literature (PDF)