Sulfur Traces and Permanent Gas Analysis in Beverage Grade Carbon Dioxide

Analyzer Description

SCD, PDHID, cryogenic cooling, onboard vaporizer, 3-valves, 3-capillary columns
Sample type:
Beverage grade carbon dioxide, gas or liquid
Compounds Separated:
Argon, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, methane

Hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ethyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide, carbon disulfide, isopropyl mercaptan, ethyl methyl mercaptan, butyl mercaptan, isobutyl mercaptan, diethyl mercaptan, dimethyl disulfide, 2-methylthiophene, 3-methylthiophene, diethyl disulfide, phenyl mercaptan, total sulfur by summation

Any additional sulfurs up to a boiling point of 240oC will be detected if present in the sample.
Lower detection limits:
2 ppm for permanent gases
0.10 ppm for sulfur dioxide
0.03 ppm for sulfurs and mercaptans
Methods met:
ISBT 4.0, ISBT 10.1, ISBT 14.0

Typical Chromatogram

SCD Chromatogram

PDHID Chromatogram

Key Features and Benefits

  • Oxygen will be detected but will not be quantified. For accurate oxygen analysis an external oxygen sensor is required.
  • Fused silica lined tubing protects sample integrity.
  • Internally purged diaphragm valves ensure no air contamination and the lowest detection limits possible.
  • On-board vaporizer converts liquid carbon dioxide to gas phase prior to injection for more repeatable analysis.
  • Can be configured for both liquid and gas sample analysis.

Beverage Grade CO2 Literature (PDF)