ASTM D2712 – Hydrocarbon Traces in Propylene Concentrates

Analyzer Description

FID, 1-valve, 1-capillary column
Sample type:
Propylene concentrates
Compounds Separated:
Methane, ethane, ethylene, propane, propylene, isobutane, n-butane, trans-2-butene, 1-butene, isobutylene, cis-2-butene, isopentane, n-pentane, acetylene, methyl acetylene, propadiene, 1,3-butadiene
Concentration Range:
5-500 ppm
Methods met:
ASTM D2712, Wasson-ECE W3663

Typical Chromatogram

FID Chromatogram

Key Features and Benefits

  • Approximately an 11 minute analysis time.
  • Application can be extended for additional hydrocarbon analysis outside the scope of D2712.
  • Gas chromatograph can be configured to contain additional applications.