ASTM D4492 – Analysis of Benzene

Analyzer Description

FID, auto-injector, 1-capillary column
Sample type:
Finished benzene
Compounds Separated:
n-Nonane, benzene, toluene, 1,4-dioxane, ethylbenzene, p-xylene, m-xylene, o-xylene
Non-aromatics, composite
Concentration Range:
10-100 ppm for 1,4-dioxane, toluene, and xylenes
10-200 ppm for C9 aromatics
10 ppm – 0.2 weight % for C5 and C6 isomers (peak grouped), cyclohexane, and aliphatic C7 isomers (peak grouped)
Methods met:
ASTM D4492

Typical Chromatogram

FID Chromatogram

Key Features and Benefits

  • Approximately a 20 minute analysis time
  • Gas chromatograph can be configured to contain additional applications.