Dual GC Systems for the Simultaneous Analysis Of Fuel Cell Reactor Effluent Gas

Analyzer Description

TCD, TCD, FID, FID, FPD, 6-valves, 7-packed columns, 5-capillary columns, deans switch
Sample type:
Fuel cell reactor effluent gas
Compounds Separated:
C1 to C20 paraffins
C1 to C6 olefins
C8+ backflush
Hydrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, argon/oxygen composite, nitrogen, carbon monoxide
Lower detection limits:
1 ppm for hydrogen sulfide by FPD
10 ppm for C1 to C10
20 ppm for backflush
100 ppm for hydrogen
400 ppm for carbon monoxide
500 ppm for hydrogen sulfide
200 ppm for remaining components
Methods met:
Wasson-ECE W1751

Key Features and Benefits

  • The gas chromatograph can be configured for use with an Wasson-ECE custom sampling system for simultaneous injection into both analyzers for greater sampling precision and reduction of labor costs.
  • Fused silica lined tubing ensures repeatability and the lowest detection limits.
  • The backflush peak can be tailored to specific samples (e.g. C6+ or C8+ backflush composite peaks).
  • Analyzer can be configured to identify additional sulfur components.
  • Cryogenic cooling may be used to separate argon and oxygen.