Nitriles in Methyl-tert-butyl-ether (MTBE) and tert-Amyl-methyl-ether (TAME)

Analyzer Description

NCD, 1-valve, 1-capillary column, burner shroud
Sample type:
Methy-tert-butyl-ether, tert-amyl-methyl-ether
Compounds Separated:
Acetonitrile, propionitrile
Lower detection limits:
50 ppm
Methods met:
Wasson-ECE W2708

Typical Chromatogram

NCD Chromatogram

Key Features and Benefits

  • A 3-way decoking valve alleviates any coking problems that might occur in the NCD burner during the oxidation process and ensures maximum response and consistency.
  • Can be configured for both liquid and gas sample analysis.
  • High selectivity and equimolar for nitrogen.
  • Approximately 15 minute analysis time.